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Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Healthy Recipe Girl Diet Lighter Choices Summer Salad Fennel Citrus_-2

Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Healthy Recipe Girl Diet Lighter Choices Summer Salad Fennel Citrus_-2

I’ve lived in Blighty for over a decade now (and am half-English by birth), but I don’t remember this country having experienced such a proper stereotypical ‘summer’ before, with countless days of uninterrupted pleasant weather, and not a hosepipe ban in sight! To mark the occasion, here’s a deliciously light, refreshing and quintessentially ‘summery’ salad, somewhat infused with Scandinavian know-how. The texture and flavour really reminds me of Swedish summers! The crunchy, quenching fennel works beautifully when tossed into a salad and whilst this particular ‘edit’ is vegan-friendly, it works sublimely when dusted with flakes of roasted salmon too! Quick, easy and requiring almost no kitchen flare whatsoever, this is your best chance of upgrading your Monday-night Salad Game…
Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Healthy Recipe Girl Diet Lighter Choices Summer Salad Fennel Citrus_
For those of you who perhaps haven’t encounterd the marvels of Fennel, it is a herb with a liquorice flavour. The crunchy texture along with its distinct ‘aniseed’ essence works beautifully in salads and provides some dependable nutritional benefits too, including a hefty deposition of Vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber as well as manganese, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and copper. Moreover though, the counterpoint of Fennel-vs-Citrus flavour just works a harmonious treat! Here’s the How To…
Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Healthy Recipe Girl Diet Lighter Choices Summer Salad Fennel Citrus_-3


  1. Start by slicing the fennel bulbs lengthways as finely as possible. I recommend using a mandoline slicer as you’d need some strong Michelin skills to achieve the subtlety of fennel shavings using merely a knife.
  2. In a small separate bowl, deposit the raisins, and cover them in water in order to rehydrate them for c. 20minutes, then remove them and place on a tissue to dry – they will join the salad later.
  3. Slice off the orange peel to remove the skin and pith, and slice the remaining orange into eighths, or smaller wedges, to your taste.
  4. Optional (but very much my preference): de-seed a small chilli and finely chop a half of it, then add it to the mixture. Beware as even a small amount adds a significant fiery punch!
  5. Finely shave the radishes on the mandoline.
  6. Finely chop a handful of dill
  7. Add the fennel to the mixture and let it marinate for and hour in the fridge.
  8. In a large bowl squeeze the lemon juice and mix in the honey.
  9. Add all the ingredients into a bowl and let them marinate in this citric jus for an hour.
  10. Finally serve alone or with some salmon, or indeed any other baked fish! Bon appetit!


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